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As a trusted WordPress developer by many companies, Made Public Marketing has been creating aesthetically pleasing websites, using the latest marketing techniques to close your customers. Create your next website built to convert with Made Public Marketings WordPress Design Services.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a website development software that allows the user to make any website to their specifications. Being the industry leader in website hosting, WordPress host 1/3 of the websites in todays market. WordPress interface has “plugins” these plugins allow a user to freely modify their themes, portfolios, pictures, animations, and so much more.

With thousands customizable templates and unlimited modifications, its no wonder WordPress is the industry leader.

How your company can benefit from WordPress

WordPress is a simple to use website builder / content management system (CMS) that any business can use. The biggest benefit for your business using a WordPress website is ease of use and being found online. Secondly, using WordPress you are setting your website up for success in the future. How so you may ask, WordPress host the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Flexibility, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) can be improved anytime with fully customizable options. You can adjust and change any function within your website such as colors, fonts, alt descriptions, meta descriptions, and much more. With WordPress themes (Colors, fonts, etc.) and WordPress templates (overall layout on site), you can get your WordPress website published with no coding needed. WordPress website development services can create search visibility on google, increase leads, and skyrocket sales.

Couple of our Latest WordPress Projects

Why use Made Public’s WordPress Services?

Made Public Marketing has years of experience with WordPress Website Design. Creating a user based website that will offer optimized User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) will greatly enhance the outcome of your website. We provide a results-driven approach to everything we do and add proper tracking onto every website. Made Public Marketing strives to become more than just another business, we work at becoming a partner you can call anytime.

Centered to your Business

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