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What is eCommerce Website Design

E-Commerce website design is creating and designing an online platform where businesses can sell their products and services via the internet. E-Commerce Website design entails the visual layout, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), navigation, and aesthetics of your online eCommerce website. Having the right eCommerce Website is crucial to high conversions. Common functions of a eCommerce website includes storefront host (Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.), payment gateway, and inventory management systems for when orders are received.

Essential Functions to have on your eCommerce Website

Website Host

Having the proper hosting platform will setup your online store for success. Many online platforms include but are not limited to: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, and more.

Payment Gateway

Your payment gateway should support various forms of payment such as: Debit Cards, Credit Card, Paypal, digital wallet, etc. Your Payment gateway should also have SSL encryption to protect sensitive information.


Tracking is key to providing insight on your day to day operations and will help you predict future market trends. Ensure proper setup on your website and track the customers journey to continuously optimize your site.

Order Management

Order management on your eCommerce store helps the customer with tracking their order, getting notified on order statuses. This is crucial to keeping the customer informed through every stage.

Responsive Design

Responsive eCommerce website designs will boost conversions, driving more sales through a fast operating website. Ensure your website is responsive to when a customer is ordering.

Reviews and Ratings

Building authority with your customer can be done through reviews and ratings of your project. Not only does it help build authority it will also help boost higher conversions and drive more sales.

Inventory Management

Having a quality hosting platform to track inventory and begin pre-orders is key to keeping the orders rolling. Keep track of your business operations through inventory management.

Shipping and Tax Calculations

Automated shipping and tax calculations is key to a smooth operating eCommerce store. Automate your shipping and tax calculations saving you money and time.

Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are essential to your customers experience. Let them add and remove items seamlessly. Creating a smooth checkout is key higher conversions for your store.

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